Milkiwean Feeder

For the most intake of feed in the post weaning period


The combination of suboptimal sow milk production and large litter size in the modern genetic sow line leads to a higher percentage of mortality of the piglets under the sow and/or big differences in uniformity at weaning. The underweight piglets often show a very low feed intake after weaning. This undermines not only the immunity; it has also a negative impact on growth an uniformity of the total litter after weaning.

An adapted feeding system in combination with the Milkiwean Feeder, offers you the solution to breed very young and light orphan piglets (from 3 kg).  By feeding small quantities at regular intervals the natural suckling/feeding behaviour of piglets is imitated. This prevents disturbances in the digestive tract and guarantees a healthy intestinal development, with a clear positive effect on the weight of the piglets.


  • Instant mixing of feed
  • Ideal for milk and meal
  • Always fresh food at feeding.
  • Adjustable time of feed availability
  • Adjustable feed-water ratio
  • Warm water
  • For up to 20-30 piglets from 4 days old